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Trusted, Impartial Advice about Insulation Systems and Energy Conservation

There are countless millions of people across the world living in cold, damp, draughty houses.
The sustainable solution to this is Energy Conservation (not Energy Generation).

The key to Energy Conservation in homes is Insulation and Air Tightness.

High-performance insulation and air tightness systems, correctly installed, will dramatically reduce the energy required to keep a home at a comfortable temperature.

When I say 'reduce' I mean to a small fraction of what the fuel bills used to be - indeed potentially remove the need for additional heating altogether - ie near to 'Passive House' (Passiv Haus) standard.

On this website you'll see how to achieve this.
Much of the information is free to download and free to use.
Only if specific services are requested will a discussion start about payment.

    Andy offers:

  • Free information about Insulation Systems, Ventilation and Energy Conservation
  • Free advice for community groups
  • Free webinars and online presentations

  • Also on offer - well priced professional services:

  • Online and telephone consultancy by the hour - and the first hour is free!.
  • Review of architects' and builders' drawings
  • Proposals for specific materials for each element of the renovation project
  • Real-time Skype-based assessments of the property
  • Real-time Skype-based supervision and training of the workforce
  • Site visits with face-to-face discussions, energy reviews, training and workforce supervision

Get in touch! .. let's talk about how I can help you with your project

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