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About Andy Walker

Andy Walker Andy Walker is an engineer and project manager by training and an enthusiastic communicator by nature.

Passionate about improving the energy performance of homes across Europe and beyond, Andy now offers online consultancy and, when possible, site visits giving advice about Super‑Insulation, Ventilation and Energy Conservation.

Andy also presents inspirational talks and workshops based on real experience and with a good measure of warm humour.

Andy gave a Keynote Speech at the International Sustainable Ecological Engineering Design for Society Conference in September 2017.
Watch the presentation here.

Andy was invited to be the Technical Editor and a Co‑Author of the best selling 'Haynes Manual on Home Insulation'

Andy is a Fellow of the Leeds Sustainability Institute and has given guest lectures and spoken at conferences.

Andy also has MSc and BSc degrees in Engineering.


Andy says: "Much has been written about the design ideas for new‑build homes - but these insulation systems often use techniques and materials that are not appropriate for all of the millions of existing homes that we live in today.

For me the most Exciting Challenge is to find practical ways to dramatically improve the houses that are already built. And this is what I did with the SURE Insulation business when it was operating as an installation company in the North of England.

In the years that it was operating I built up a lot of experience and collected many photos of existing problems and the innovative solutions that I applied.

The term 'Innovative' has been used by the local University I collaborated with - indeed they started using my Haynes Manual on Home Insulation as a text book for their Masters Degree level courses."


SURE Energy community group In 2008 Andy started the UK community group SURE - SUstainable and REnewable Energy in Wharfedale .

This initiative helped many people move towards a lower‑carbon, lower‑energy lifestyle.

It made a contribution towards tackling fuel poverty in the region and helped to educate people about the link between excessive energy use and runaway climate change.


SURE Solid Wall Insulation CIC Early in 2011 Andy created and ran SURE Solid Wall Insulation CIC.

This company used innovative internal wall insulation techniques to significantly improve the thermal performance of 'Solid Walled' and 'Hard to Treat' homes.

The company successfully improved the energy efficiency of a good number of houses and in so doing improved levels of health and well‑being, reduced fuel poverty and definitely reduced carbon emissions.

Two Housing Associations in the local area adopted the SURE Insulation approach to "super‑insulation" for all of their renovation and repair work.

SURE Insulation was pivotal in making a step change to the ambitions of a number of organisations with regard to the improvement of thermal performance in older houses.

In particular, several community groups were inspired to start their own insulation teams to share tools and skills.


Super Insulation Guidance Manual In Spring 2012 Leeds Action To Create Homes (LATCH) commissioned SURE Insulation, and Leeds Environmental Design Associates Ltd (LEDA) to create a Super Insulation Guidance Manual and associated training courses for the installation of high specification insulation and ventilation in hard-to-treat homes.

This Super Insulation Guidance Manual is now being used to add new skills to the workforce at LATCH and Canopy Housing resulting in a significantly improved renovation standard in the area of thermal performance.

This will have many benefits including improved health of tenants, a reduction of fuel poverty and a reduction in fuel bills and carbon emissions.

Read more about the Manual and download your own copy ..


More info on the Haynes Manual on Home Insulation Published in Spring 2013 the  'Haynes Manual on Home Insulation'  was co‑authored by Andy Walker.

This book has now also become a text book in at least one UK University and appears in many public libraries.

From the introduction in the book:

" .. The first step for energy saving in every home and office is insulation, and for many, the DIY route can be the best option.

But every home is different, and this manual can help you identify the best options for you, enabling you to spend money where it's most effective and prevent the wrong kind of improvements."

A review in the  Sunday Times  said:
"Spending £14.99 on a Haynes Home Insulation manual might just be one of the most cost effective investments you will ever make"


Leeds Sustainability Institute .. Summer 2013: Andy Walker was invited to become a Fellow of the   Leeds Sustainability Institute  at Leeds Beckett University

" .. in recognition of his expertise and contribution to his profession .. ".

"The Leeds Sustainability Institute is a centre of research, informed and supported by business leaders, professional associations and community groups addressing the challenges of creating more sustainable places, communities and economies."


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