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Start a Franchise Insulation Business

A Community Interest Company creating Green Jobs
and Reducing Carbon Emissions

Skilled Insulation Workers

Spring 2018 Offer: First Two Franchises - No Setup Charges

Ever thought about running your own business?

Ever wondered about changing your job to something which makes a difference?

Based on the Simple Franchise Agreement method of creating a new business here's a idea which might be right up your street!

This is essentially an extension to the process of  Training  groups of people to understand the principles of super-insulation and the important aspects of installing it.

Andy Walker is now offering to guide groups of individuals to form their own social enterprise businesses to earn an income from installing insulation to very high design targets.

In a nutshell each new business would be a clone of the original SURE Insulation social enterprise. This was based in West Yorkshire, UK and tapped into a significant demand and was profitable even in its first year.

The set up costs are reasonable and running costs are low.

By having Andy Walker as a non-executive director, and by committing to use the SURE Insulation approach, the new business can give itself a local name and call itself  'SURE Insulation Brightford'  or wherever.

This would provide the advantage of being able to use all the existing case studies and to refer to the  Haynes Manual on Home Insulation - which explicitly cites SURE Insulation as the key source of information for several chapters in the book.

The Haynes Publishing Company is a known and trusted name for information books and this Home Insulation Manual reached Number 5 in the Amazon best selling books list. The Manual is also now available in many UK public libraries - so it has a good profile amongst the general public.

Using the  SURE Insulation branding  would allow the new business to 'hit the ground running' because it could advertise a previous track record of successful work.

Andy Walker would provide:
  • all the information needed to set up your company and to write a business plan;
  • training for conducting Whole House Energy Reviews;
  • training for super-insulation system design;
  • training in the specific installation techniques;
  • training in the unique aspects of the SURE Insulation approach;
  • on-site and remote trouble-shooting support;
  • guidance for marketing including support for talks and exhibitions.

Get in touch! .. let's talk about how I can help you with your project

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