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"House Warming Parties"

Underfloor Insulation and Air Tightness Work Andy Walker of SURE Insulation is now offering training workshops to groups of friends and neighbours who want to learn the skills to insulate their own homes. These workshops typically are for one day but additional days can be arranged.

The term 'Housewarming Party' has been repurposed to describe the informal nature of such an event and the atmosphere of co-operative work. Often people attending the 'Housewarming Party' choose to bring food to share to make it a sociable occasion.

Andy will advise on the necessary preparation work and provide a complete list of the materials needed. On the training day itself each element of the installation will be clearly described and then demonstrated. Andy will provide thorough explanations of each part of the job and find solutions for any difficult areas.

Underfloor Insulation and Air Tightness Work In addition to the specific training there’ll also be lots of practical tips and hints about how to improve the thermal comfort of other parts of your home without it costing the earth.

After the workshop each person will have the knowledge and skills to tackle a similar home improvement project themself.

The fee for this kind of Workshop will depend on where the house is located and how many people are going to be involved.

This route to super-insulating your home is far cheaper than hiring a contractor (who probably hasn't had appropriate training) and far simpler and quicker than trying to figure it all out on your own ...

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