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Super‑Insulation Guidance Manual

Super Insulation Guidance Manual In early 2012 the Housing Association 'Leeds Action To Create Homes' (LATCH) commissioned SURE Insulation, and 'Leeds Environmental Design Associates' (LEDA) to create a Super‑Insulation Guidance Manual and associated training courses for the installation of high specification insulation and ventilation in hard‑to‑treat homes.

This Super‑Insulation Guidance Manual and associated training is now being used to add new skills to the workforce at LATCH (and other Housing Associations) resulting in significantly improved renovation standards in the area of thermal performance and air‑tightness. This will have many benefits including improved health of tenants, eradication of fuel poverty and a reduction in fuel bills and carbon emissions.

This Manual is intended for use by moderately skilled tradespeople. The techniques described use readily available building materials and well known construction methods.

The innovative and distinctive aspects of the manual and training are:
  • best application of measures with a limited budget without precluding future improvement works
  • the documentation of innovative methods and techniques developed by SURE Insulation for use on the building type
  • deep understanding of the underlying principles required to approach 'Passive House' standards
  • the text and images were developed by an integrated team of specialist architects, consulting engineers, builders and social housing providers.
This Super‑Insulation Guidance Manual provides a system which delivers very high thermal performance standards that typically have been achieved only at a much higher cost.

Super Insulation Guidance Manual

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